Artwork Proofing

Check your artwork. This is your duty.

The file should be supplied in CMYK format, not in RGB.

The document’s page size should be the finished trim size.

Fonts should be embedded or converted to outlines so no fonts are needed.

Images should be embedded in the file.

All images should be 300 dpi. (DPI is the amount of ink dots per inch; 300 dots per inch is the required standard for printed material). Images should also be placed at 100% size in your final document. For example, if your image is 50mm x 50mm at 300dpi, then it is also that size when placed in your document. Lower resolution compromises image quality and may result in pixelation (where the pixels, tiny squares or dots that make up the image, are apparent when printed).
Please note that opening a 72 dpi image in Photoshop and simply changing the dpi to 300 will not increase the quality of the image.

OWNERSHIP OF ARTWORK PRODUCED BY SIGNWORLD SOUTHLAND LTD. All custom design work produced by Signworld Southland Ltd. remains the property of Signworld Southland Ltd. until both (i) a written agreement is signed by Signworld Southland Ltd. and the client and (ii) payment for such custom design work is received by Signworld Southland Ltd.


You are solely responsible for (i) checking the final submission of artwork provided to you by Signworld Southland Ltd. and (ii) satisfying yourself as to the accuracy and suitability of such artwork. Signworld Southland Ltd. is not responsible for any printing or design errors where the printing or design(s) produced by Signworld Southland Ltd. confirm to the “camera ready” electronic files or other forms of artwork submitted by the client to Signworld Southland Ltd.